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Story of Changelogfy - How two people from Brazil change product relea..

Our business model is SaaS, where the customer pays a monthly fee to use Changelogfy. We currently have a free..

Changelogfy | 08/09/2020

StatusGator Story - How Colin & Andy made a status page monitoring an..

Hi, I’m Colin Bartlett, I live in New York City and I’ve been building websites since I was 16 years old, so f..

StatusGator | 08/06/2020

How Nishant started a Privacy Policy Generating Tool - Story of Priva..

Build an audience, will provide deniability in the long term.Was doing some market research on building a mark..

Privacysanta | 08/04/2020

How Toby Allen started his venture builder Startup - Story of StartupM..

Hey! I'm Toby, I'm the founder of StartupMill, which is my venture builder. This is where I express my need to..

StartupMill | 07/19/2020

How Peter & Frank bootstraped a Monitoring Solution - UptimeMate Stor..

Hi, I am Peter Steenbergen and I am working on UptimeMate. A monitoring solution for finding problems on your ..

UptimeMate | 07/15/2020

How Donald & Kim made a job aggregator for entry-level positions - Sto..

Hey! I’m Donald, I am working on Entry Level with my Co-Founder Kim Kiamco. We attend Lambda School as Full-St..

Entry Level | 07/01/2020

How Dinesh made $15000 MRR Social Media Tool - Story of TweetFull

My name is Dinesh and I am the founder of TweetFull. We are working on creating a tool that helps small busine..

TweetFull | 06/20/2020

How Peter Thaleikis started a Startup Name Checking Utility

I'm Peter and working on a number of side projects. It started all with a name validator for startups and side..

Startup Name Check | 05/11/2020

How I started $6K MRR Business using Zapier - Story of Luhhu

I'm Andrew Davison ,a Zapier Certified Expert and I built my agency Luhhu to help businesses solve process pro..

Luhhu | 05/06/2020

How we Started a $1.8K MRR Financial Data Visualization Platform - Sto..

I'm Moe Salih. Founder of HyperCharts, a financial data visualization platform.I started HyperCharts as a way ..

HyperCharts | 05/01/2020