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How Donald & Kim made a job aggregator for entry-level positions - Sto..

Hey! I’m Donald, I am working on Entry Level with my Co-Founder Kim Kiamco. We attend Lambda School as Full-St..

Entry Level | 07/01/2020

How Dinesh made $15000 MRR Social Media Tool - Story of TweetFull

My name is Dinesh and I am the founder of TweetFull. We are working on creating a tool that helps small busine..

TweetFull | 06/20/2020

How Peter Thaleikis started a Startup Name Checking Utility

I'm Peter and working on a number of side projects. It started all with a name validator for startups and side..

Startup Name Check | 05/11/2020

How I started $6K MRR Business using Zapier - Story of Luhhu

I'm Andrew Davison ,a Zapier Certified Expert and I built my agency Luhhu to help businesses solve process pro..

Luhhu | 05/06/2020

How we Started a $1.8K MRR Financial Data Visualization Platform - Sto..

I'm Moe Salih. Founder of HyperCharts, a financial data visualization platform.I started HyperCharts as a way ..

HyperCharts | 05/01/2020

How I made $1.7k MRR from Wordpress Premium Plugins - Story of Codecti..

Hello ! Who are you and what are you working on? My name is Javier Carazo. I live in a not very big city in Sp..

Codection | 04/24/2020

How I made a $200 MRR Mobile App Templates Business - Story of Falcon ..

Hi. I'm Oleg, and I create a company that creates Mobile Templates. I read the story about a guy who opens 12 ..

Falcon Templates | 04/19/2020

How I Started a Podcast Platform without Recording - Story of Resoundl..

Hi! My name's Matt and I'm an independent developer from Australia , I've recently launched a product called R..

Resoundly | 04/10/2020

How I Made $1K MRR Task Management System - Tasklog Story

Sup 👋 I’m Petr, freelance coder 💻 from Czechia 🇨🇿 currently living in Bali 🏝️. I have 3 side projects in .. | 04/09/2020

How I made $2.5K MRR from MarketingExamples - Story of MarketingExampl..

Hi I'm Harry Dry and I'm working on left my job as a web developer in London to start ..

Marketing Examples | 04/06/2020