What is OyeStartups?

OyeStartups site will provide you everything you will need to know about a startup. When you get stuck with planning or executing your startup, just visit our site. You will get the smooth way to go forward. We have many experts in the startup field who have worked hard and gone through all the phases to become successful. Their experiences and interviews will give you a great insight to nurture your startup.

The interviews help you to get a great understanding of the market and the precautions and steps you need to take. We ask questions that are in your mind. We help you to get started through the experience of the experts.

People Behind OyeStartups

Binu Mathew

Hi! Myself Binu Mathew from Kerala. I am the founder of a tech company named Itmarkerz. I am a startup lover who loves to read and hear about startups. After my studies, I did a project on startup which has made me aware of the different opportunities and risks involved in startups.

In the goal of sharing my experience along with the experiences of other entrepreneurs, I have started OyeStartups.com. This site will give you all that you want to know about startups. For more queries, you can contact me at Twitter.

Anjana P Dev

I am Anjana P Dev from Kerala. I have written many blogs and articles on startups. I love to know more about startups and does deep researches on the same. I collaborate with OyeStartups.com to share with you what I know about startups. I am sure that this site will enrich your wisdom and shed light on your way to your dream startup.

How To Get Featured on OyeStartups.com?

If you are a successful entrepreneur who would like to share the success story with the people, we welcome you. We are always in search of people like you. We will feature your business on our site. You can contact us for this

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