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A Complete Guide to Blog and Blogging in 2021

Hi there, my name is Binu Mathew. I’ve been blogging for the last six years and I love every second of it.

Disclosure: If you purchase products through links on our site (e.g.  HostGator WordPress Hosting Service.), we may earn a commission. It comes at no extra cost for you but it helps us to create more valuable content.

Before reading the whole article

This guide takes 11 minutes to read (2926 words). Yes, that might be a lot of reading, but don't get mistaken, This is A Complete Guide to blogging so it should cover all parts and most of the questions about blogging, Right?

I try to share things I know about Blogs and Blogging over six years of my experience in it. I try to cover basic to advanced topics about a blog like What is a blog? What is a website? How both are different? The best blogging platform, Best WordPress blog hosting service, What is a niche? Things to look at before buying a Domain Name, How to Write a Blog, What is TLD, etc.


What is a Blog? : A blog is a web journal or informational website displaying information about an authors’ interest. 

What is a Website? : A set of pages on the internet, where a company or an organization, or a person, puts information

Which Platform is Best for Blogging? : WordPress 

Which hosting is best for a WordPress blog? : HostGator WordPress Hosting Service

What is a Niche in Blogging? :  Niche simply means the subject your Blog is focused about. 

What is a Domain Name? : Domain name is the address of your website that people type in the browser URL bar to visit your website.

What is a Blog?

A blog is a web journal or informational website displaying information about an authors’ interest. 

For example, a software company uses a blog to write an article about their experience in software development, or tutorials about new programming language features. Whereas an individual who is an expert in finance writes about the stock market, updates in the finance world, etc in his blog. 

In a blog, it's important to publish new content regularly, typically a blog is written in an easy or conversational style

So it's easy to say that a blog is a platform where a writer or group of writers share their views on individual subjects

if you are reading this post means you are on the blog section of oyestartups section, most of the sites we get as a result of a google search is a blog page, 

Here is a simple stat about blogs by Internet Live Stats 

As per their study that there are around 1.7 billion websites in the globe and in that 1.7 billion around 600 million sites are blogs. And over 2.5 billion blog posts are being published each year worldwide

Before we go any further, I like to ask a question, do you know the difference between a blog and a website?

Unless you already started a blog, you may not understand the difference between a blog and a website.

What is a Website?

As per oxford's dictionary, a website is "A set of pages on the internet, where a company or an organization, or a person, puts information". Typical websites are static sites where content is organized on a page.

If you look at a business site they have a website where they have different pages detailing information about them, how to contact them, what service they provide, their price list, etc. 

If you look at an eCommerce site, they have a website where they have different pages detailing information about them, how to contact them, the products they have and the price list of those products, etc.

How a Blog is Different from a Website?

Okay, this might be surprising, but let’s start this section with an interesting statement:

All blogs are websites, but not all websites are blogs.

Yes, we can say blogs are a type of website. The only real difference between a blog and a website is that blogs are regularly updated with new content.

Typical websites are static sites where content is organized in pages, and they are not updated frequently. Whereas a blog is dynamic, and it is usually updated more regularly. 

Often businesses have a blog section where they regularly create content to inform and educate their user base and get leads from visitors. If you check out our interview section, where we interview SAAS business and eCommerce owners they say the importance of blogging

Blogs are used as an important source of lead generation and traffic source by businesses, whereas some people use blogs to generate income by affiliate marketing or by using ads.

What are the things to consider before buying a domain name?

The things to consider before buying a domain is, 

Check your competition.

Yes, check your competition, that's the first thing you should do before buying a domain for your blog. check their domain name, extension. Look at least 10 competition sites. Note any keywords they include and their domain extension make a list it will come in handy when you need to implement SEO.

Try to Add Keywords to the Domain Name

If you are going to blog about kayaks for example. It's always good to add "kayak" in the domain name. People will understand what you are blogging in that particular blog. 

Check this site's domain name, "OyeStartups" and what we do mainly? We interview startup founders and write blog articles about tips for startups, like this blog. I hope you now understood what I mean by adding a relative keyword from the niche to the domain name.

But that not the case with a business site domain, its always good to get the business name as the domain name or a shorter version of the business name as the domain name, It will help with the branding.

Make it easy to type & remember

From my experience, it's always better to buy a domain that is easy to type and remember, once again take the example of Kayak as your niche. Suppose your domain name is "", its easy to type and remember than a domain with the name "". 

When you trying to buy a domain, always try to buy an easy to type and remember domain than a non-relative domain name.

Small is Better 

Always, buy a domain with fewer letters, it's easy to remember and easy to type. people tend to remember small domain names, try to remember any 3 domain names. I am sure for most of you following domains came to mind "Google, Yahoo and Bing", See! In the domain world, always small is good :)

No! No Slangs

Another important thing to consider before you buy a domain name is, don't use slang in the domain name. Imagine your blog is about some serious niche but your domain name has some sort of slang in it because you think it's "COOL". Some readers won't find your blog serious if you add slang to the domain name. 

NB: I had a web app with a domain name having slang in it. After getting 2-3 mocking in a couple of sales meetings, I painfully understood it was a bad domain name and product name choice. 

There are other TLD's in the domain market pond than .com.

Trust me when I say this "Your blogging journey won't end if you don't get a .com TLD". In my early days of blogging, I usually believed that if you don't get a .com TLD that's the end, my friends who were in digital marketing used to give me advice but .com or else. Later after reading a couple of SEO articles by Search Engine Journal I understood it does not matter.

Avoid Trademarks

Try to avoid trademarks when you buy a domain. First, it's illegal, and second, you would be considered spam by a lot of people. Consider this, there are a lot of people who tend to buy domains that are similar to amazon or other trademark sites and create content in those sites and spam. Always remember this adage by Herman Melville : "It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation.".

Make Sure Social Media Handles are Available.

Before buying a domain, always check social media user name is available. The important social media you need to cover are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. It's always good to have our social media handles in our domain name. so that it will become a brand than alone website in 1.7 Billion websites.

we have written a complete article with 11 tips to consider before choosing a domain name 

What is a Niche?

A niche simply means the subject your blog is focused on. If you are blogging about say "Toddler Stroller", about how they are good, which one you should be buying, pros and cons of each stroller then that's your niche. On this site, we talk more about startups. so startups are the niche of our site. I hope you got a general idea about what niche is.

Blog or Website – Which One is Better?

As a beginner in the blogging world, you might be thinking about whether you should start a blog or a website? To be honest, the answer to this problem depends on what your intentions are.

If you are planning to share information about your business, I think it's better to choose a website rather than a blog. A blog is mainly used to share information about the niche you are covering.

So, it's all about your intention about what you are trying to cover.

Can I Use a Blog/Website for Business?

Of course, you can use a website or blog for business. Adding a blogging section and frequently blogging about the field your business covering would help you to get more leads to your business. suppose your business is a cleaning service and you write good SEO articles about the benefits of cleaning, cleaning tips, etc chances of customers landing on your site are higher, and the more the quality visitors the more the chance of they becoming a client of your service or business.

Why Do People Blog? What are The Benefits of Blogging?

What Are Some Examples of Good Blogs?

Can Anyone Start a Blog?

Yes, anyone can start a blog, all you need is a domain name, web hosting, and a blogging platform.

Normally, a domain name will cost you around $9+ per year and website hosting $4.99 - $7.99 per month. Now if you are a beginner in blogging, this seems like a lot of money. 

But, think like it, If you have a business, blogging will help you to get leads. If you are thinking of how to make money by blogging, more details about how to make money using blogging I cover it in the later sections of this post

Why choose the Best Blogging Platform is important?

Are you looking to start your first blog, but can’t figure out which is a good platform for it? It’s a tough choice since there are several blogging platforms out there.

Before diving into more details about the best blogging platform, it is helpful to know what you’re looking for in a blogging platform.

If you are a beginner, it's important to select a platform that can be easily set up, does not require any coding experience, and that your blog can easily scale at the time of need.

As your blog grows, you may want to change more features in the blog you have in your hand, so it’s important to choose a flexible blogging platform, with room to grow. Starting with the wrong platform can make it very difficult to switch later on.

I created this platform with nuxt and laravel because I love to code, if you a coding junkie it's always good to create your own, but if you are a time concern, then please choose a good blogging platform rather than spend time creating your own ( a simple suggestion ). If you need help with setting up a blog and optimize the blog to improve website performance, I can help you. please feel free to contact me using the contact page site.

Now, before moving to the next topic, I like to add personally I would choose to use WordPress. Do you know 35% of Website in the world is using WordPress as their platform? Think about it, 35 % of 1.7 billion websites using WordPress. That many people won't be wrong ;)

Some of the pros of choosing WordPress as your blogging platform

1.It's free - Yes, WordPress is free for download/

2.Its Open Source - Yes, everyone can access the source code of WordPress, which makes it more trustworthy.

3.It's written in PHP - PHP is one of the easy programming languages and there are a lot of hosting service which provides PHP hosting service, the competition made the pricing of hosting a PHP Application low cost.

4.Marketplace - There are so many marketplaces for WordPress which provide premium WordPress themes and plugins at a low rate.

There are other blogging platforms, like Ghost JS, Joomla, Drupal, etc. As per my finding it is very difficult for a beginner to start with these platforms.

Which hosting is best for a WordPress blog?

Do you want to skip the read and get right to the answer? Then the best WordPress website host for most people is HostGator WordPress Hosting Service.

The following list of WordPress hosting services that are good as per my understanding and experience.

Best for Beginners

HostGator WordPress Hosting Service - Best Managed WordPress Hosting Service

Bluehost Hosting Service - Best WordPress Hosting For New Websites.

Network Solution's WordPress Hosting Service - It comes in medium-range pricing, but a good solution for beginners.

Premium Hosting Services

iTheme WordPress Hosting - iTheme Hosting has more features and plugins. But they are lit bit expensive compare to others. If you are serious about blogging, then iTheme WordPress Hosting is a good choice.

Liquid Web WordPress Hosting - Liquid Web is also a lit bit expensive but they give you a couple of premium WordPress plugins. Which will help you making blogging easy to manage and publish. 

Below are some of the answers to the most frequently asked questions about WordPress hosting.

Do You Need Web Hosting for Your WordPress Site?

Well, the answer to this query is both Yes and No. I will write a detailed answer to this question in a new post.

Are there any free WordPress hosting providers?

Yes, there are but they won't have much performance as of HostGator or Bluehost. Most of them have limitations like most of them are in subdomain-based sites. we need to pay extras to link domains with the sites. will have a limit of site visitors etc.

Nothing is free in this world!

Do I need to have my domain and WordPress hosting from the same provider?

Nope, You can buy both from different services and link them using Name Server. You can buy a domain from the cheapest domain provider ( i like to recommend NameCheap as your domain provider as they provide domains as low as .99 cents per domain for a year) in the market and link it to the Webhosting service provider

Do I need a cPanel WordPress hosting?

Although it would be better to choose a Web hosting with cPanel, the answer is no. It's not a required feature to have Cpanel for hosting a WordPress site but before coming to a decision let think for a minute what all feature and benefits come with a Cpanel based WordPress hosting.

You don't need to worry about Cpanel can be used to install WordPress with One-Click WordPress Installer, Help you with File management, Email Account management, etc

NB: Personally If you are a beginner, I would suggest using a CPanel Powerd WordPress Hosting.

Do I need any WordPress hosting addons?

It depends on you, I would suggest taking only the hosting package. 

As you are a beginner start with a simple hosting package. In the future, we can buy these addons on the requirement.

I know you have a lot of questions in your mind frequently asked questions about WordPress hosting, I will try to write an article that answers in detail most of these questions.

How to Write a Blog Post

Writing a blog post sounds easy enough, right? Open any text editor, start typing, and there you have it.

Except…as a writer myself, I know how that story can end.

Deciding on a topic, organizing your thoughts, facing that dreaded blank page for days, and pouring your heart and soul into your work…only to get a total readership of 20 views a year later.

It’s not a good feeling.

So how do you write something amazing?

Something that people want to read and that gets thousands of visits each month?

Stay with me—I’m about to cover everything you need to know in this post, from the technical bits to the more subtle nuances of writing and editing.

Here we go!

Understand your audience.

Decide what you want to write about

Come up with a working title.

Write an intro (and make it captivating).

Organize your content in an outline.

Proofread and edit your post.

Insert a CTA.

Optimize for on-page SEO.

Why Write Blogs? 

How to Make Money With Blogs? How Do Bloggers Make Money?

Can I Sell on My Blog or Website?

Can I Build a Blog or Website on My Own?

What Does It Cost to Build a Blog vs. Website?

What About Scaling My WordPress Website/Blog up in the Future?

About The Author : Binu Mathew

Binu Mathew is the CEO of itmarkerz technologies. It has been catering to the custom software needs of SMEs in India and abroad since March 2011. Binu started his programming and freelance carrier at the age of 17. over around 13 years of experience in startups, startup visas around the globe, and Blogging. You can reach him on Twitter or LinkedIn