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How 20 year old Irfan from Turkey making $1000 MRR from Zerostagram

Hello ! Who are you and what are you working on?

Hello, I'm Irfan. 20 years old young indie developer. Actually I'm making mobile applications in the tools category App Store and Google Play Store. Also I have a website for downloading instagram content in a very easy way. Like you just put "0" before the link and can download anything from instagram like stories, posts, videos or reels. I created my website in 2017 December after a few months I realized mobile apps are better for the instagram tools and made mobile applications on stores. And after a while my applications got millions of downloads.


What motivated you to get started with? How did you come up with the idea?

I started coding my website while I was in the airport. I had a flight in the very early morning like 4.55 or something like that. I need to use public transportation and the last train was on the 12 so I went to the airport in the night and spent my whole night with my little netbook at this time. I was bored and wanted to do some programming practice and decided to make a website for downloading instagram profile photos. After a few weeks my idea developed and turned into a huge platform for downloading everything from instagram and every day using more than 8.000 people all over the world.

Can you tell us the story of your business from idea to where you are now?

Actually I was just trying to do something fun for me after some news of my business went viral and lots of users quickly started to use it. I wasn't expecting anything before to start my website, it was just my hobby and turned into a business. 

After websites I started making mobile applications and in that space again firstly I haven't any goal but after a while its turned to business and I set my own goals for my business like revenue target and downloads goals. Firstly I decided to make 100$/mo in 2017 December. After 3-4 months I quickly achieved my first goal. After that I set a new goal 1000$ until 2018 January. If I cannot make 1000$/mo in 2018 January I will start studying for my university exam but if I can do 1000$ I want to study abroad and focus on it. In 2018 January I made around 1200$ revenue with my mobile applications and I don't start to study for exams. And at that time I was tired of the obligations to study abroad. So I decided to just make apps and try to make more money like Pieter Levels 50.000$/month.

zerogram from iran by irfan

What has been your biggest failure or struggle?

When I was doing these kind of things also same time I had university exam. My biggest struggle was with my brain to study for exam or code for projects. Everyone around me suggests that I study for exams. After I win the exam you can still make projects but my heart is beating for the coding and developing some new projects so I usually did my heart' said and made applications and I'm so happy for decisions like this.

How many hours a day do you work on average & can you describe/outline your typical day?

I want to work 6-8 hours but cannot do that. Especially nowadays I'm working maybe 2-3 hours in workdays. I usually check my stats and look at how much I made when I was sleeping. When I have a new mobile app idea and want to make this application, that kind of time I work maybe 10 hours a day. But normally just a few hours. Because I did automatize almost everything.

And what has been your biggest achievement or success?

Got 2.000.000 downloads all over the world.

Since launch, what has worked to attract and retain customers?

Usually I focus on the ASO. App Store Optimization. I get all my customers organic.

Describe the process of launching the business.

- Decide a mobile app idea

- Research market with some tools like MobileAction, AppAnnie, SensorTower

- Make application quickly

- Publish on Stores

- Update regularly till got desired download numbers

Did you use Betalist or PH or other Startup Launching Platform for Launching ? How was that experience ?


What’s your business model, and how have you grown your revenue?

Right now on I have ads and a premium model. But the premium buyer is too low. Actually I cannot make good money from Maybe I should research for sponsorships. In my mobile applications I always have premium subscriptions for some good features. And some applications have admob.

 zerogram from iran

What are the biggest challenges you’ve faced and obstacles you’ve overcome? What are your goals for the future?

In future I want to hire people for me and want to automatize my whole app publishing process too. I want to make more applications on Apps Stores and want to make more money but right now I have no any specific goals.

Let’s talk about your marketing strategy -- how do you market Zerostagram and grow the service?

I have just focused on organic downloads with ASO. So I don't have any specific marketing strategy. My application is usually not about tech for this reason I cannot use popular services like productHunt, hackernews. But I should try reddit but not tried yet :(

Do you have a model to get product feedback? What’s your favorite way to get product feedback? Did product feedback help you get the results you hoped for ?

I show a pop-up to users. 

- Do you like the app ?

- Yes --> Redirect to App Store page for give 5 star

- No --> Why ? --> Feedback area

What have been the most influential books, podcasts, or other resources?

Actually and Pieter Levels have influenced me so much. I was just following Levels on twitter and his effect in my life is amazing.

What’s your advice for fellow aspiring entrepreneurs who are just starting out?

Keep small and don't waste time on publishing your projects. Just fastly develop the first version and publish it so quickly. After then collect feedback from your first users but please publish your projects. Try to be closer, not loser.

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